Space Age Mind in an Ice Age Body – the Primal Approach to Optimal Nutrition

Certified Nutritional Therapist Nora Gedgaudas joins us to discuss her ground breaking best-seller, “Primal Body-Primal Mind: Empowering Your Total Health the Way Evolution Intended (…and Didn’t).” With an engaging blend of science and wit, Nora synthesizes the best and latest research behind the metabolic mechanisms that underlie body-mind functions and offers informed and startling views of what good nutrition is. Nora has found that that much of what has been presented to the public about an optimal food diet is wrong, and that for the best health people should eat more like our Ice Age ancestors did before the advent of agriculture. Our physiology was designed for a hunter/gatherer society, and we’re designed to eat meat, fish, eggs, fibrous plant foods, and some nuts and fruit, rather than today’s carbohydrate-based diet with its preponderance of sugar and starch. The book has received acclaim from top scientists and professionals, and she is a much sought-after radio and television guest, appearing most recently on Coast to Coast AM with George Noury. You can learn more about Nora’s work at: Listen to Nora’s podcast:

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