UFOs & ET-Human Contact with Paola Harris

Paola Harris is an Italian-American investigative journalist who has studied ET-related phenomena since 1979 and has worked tirelessly to uncover the truth of our involvement with extraterrestrial intelligence. In her latest book, she combines documents of public record with essays and interviews of researchers and witnesses, including many top military personnel, talking about their involvement in the government truth embargo. Use your own discernment of course, but you’ll learn that top-level people, from academia to the Vatican, have been strategizing on how to deal with off-planet civilizations. Her book, Exopolitics: All of the Above, is about the scientific and political ramifications of taking our place as one planetary civilization among others. Paola calls for disclosure and a new paradigm as we enter the next phase of our evolution. You can learn more about Paula’s work and events at: http://www.paolaharris.com

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