Report from the New Age Trade Show

It’s funny how New Age concepts like psychic communication and Past Lives are moving into the mainstream. Miriam Knight taped this week’s show amid the hustle and bustle of the International New Age Trade Show in Denver. She interviewed three authors, each with a fascinating story to tell about how Spirit tapped them to become a messenger. Kaya, a successful singer/songwriter and author of six books, immersed himself in the study of dreams and through many years of study and teaching, he developed a precise system of dream interpretation. His techniques provide the tools and language to decode the symbolic messages of our dreams and apply this understanding to live our waking lives to our full potential. Kaya’s newest book, How To Interpret Dreams and Signs, brings a deeper dimension of understanding to this field. Also, check out his inspiring CD, Born Under the Star of Change. We’ve used a track from it called “The Alchemist” to close the show. Before Nina Brown became an award-winning author she was a successful businesswoman. She was appointed by President Bill Clinton to represent him at the White House Conference on Small Business, and was chosen as one of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business. Her book, Return of Love to Planet Earth, recounts her reluctant transformation to what Archangel Metatron, via Channel James Tyberonn, called an Ascended Master who exudes unconditional love from her Auric Field. Wynn Free is the author, with David Wilcock, of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. He has a background as a physics student at the University of California at Berkeley and has been in contact with "sources" who identify themselves as the "Council of Elohim" who have surprising answers to some of the universe's great questions.

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